Monkey Documentation

What is Pyro

Pyro is a 2D game framework for the Monkey X language and the spiritual successor to Ignition X

Pyro was written from scratch with all the cool new features of Mojo 2 in mind and anticipating the arrival of Monkey 2!

Mojo2 is ONLY compatible with Monkey targets that support the OpenGL module ( desktop, iOS, Android and HTML5 ).

If you are fine with the Monkey 1 / Mojo 1 features you might want to stick to Igintion X

If you want acces to the Mojo 2 features then Pyro is your number one choice!

Pyro features

  • Screen manager and screens
  • Scenegraph with sprites, shapes (polygon, rectangle, ellipse), tiles, dynamic lighting (point and shape), shadow casting and fog
  • Tile engine ( orthogonal, isometric and isometric staggered tile maps )
  • Tiled map editor importer / converter
  • Scene loader
  • Virtual controllers ( joystick and joypad )
  • Render to texture
  • Splash / loader screen
  • Skinnable GUI system ( layer, image, button, label, progress bar, input box and light )
  • Generic particle system
  • Delta timer class
  • Storage system for saving game data
  • Collision / score system
  • Highscore manager
  • Bitmap fonts + TTF font exporter
  • Object pooling
  • Content manager
  • Texturepacker support
  • Common code library
  • Sound effects library
  • BASE 64 encoding / decoding
  • XML loading / saving
  • Tons of extra commands and functions
Pyro comes with source code examples, project templates and documentation.