Typoooh / Typoooh

Namespace Playniax.Typoooh

Inherits from MonoBehaviour

Script can be found in Assets/Playniax/Typoooh/Scripts (MonoBehaviour)/Typoooh.cs

Class Typoooh


Typoooh game settings or player class.

Public fieldsDescription
Sprite[] rocketFont Rocket character sprite set
float maxRocketSpeed = 1.5f Value is random between 1 and Max Rocket Speed
bool allowFreeze Determines if rocket freezes while character is being destroyed
KeyboardSettings keyboardSettings Misc keyboard settings
LaserSettings laserSettings Misc laser settings
TextAsset data Database source file
float collisionOffset Collision calibration
Sprite front Rocket front sprite
Sprite back Rocket back sprite
string nukeEffect = "Nuke" Nuke particle settings
string rocketDestroyedEffect = "Explosion Red" Rocket destroyed particle settings
WobbleSettings wobbleSettings Player Wobble settings
AudioProperties nukeSound Nuke sounds settings
AudioProperties rocketDestroyedSound Rocket destroyed sounds settings
AudioProperties typooohSound Typing error sounds settings
AudioProperties[] panicSounds Panic sounds settings
AudioProperties[] deathSounds Death sounds settings
string[] words List of words
int wordIndex Current index of words
GameObject rocket Current rocket sprite

Class Typoooh.KeyboardSettings


Determines if and how the keyboard is auto generated.

Public fieldsDescription
GameObject prefab Key prefab
string[] keys Rows of keys in the keyboard
Vector2Int space = new Vector2Int(80, 67) Space between keys
Vector2Int offset = new Vector2Int(40, -80) Keyboard offset from center

Class Typoooh.LaserSettings


Determines what prefab to use, sound to play and how long the laser is visible.

Public fieldsDescription
GameObject prefab Laser prefab
AudioProperties sound Laser sounds settings
float ttl = .5f Layer duration

Public fieldsDescription
float speed = 250 Speed
float range = .0125f Range

Public fieldsDescription
float speed = 100 Speed
float range = .25f Range