Typoooh / Getting Started

Typoooh assets can be found in the Assets/Playniax/Typoooh folder.

The folder contains 3 scenes namely Typoooh Title, Typoooh UI and Typoooh.

Typoooh Title is the intro screen, Typoooh UI is the framework that holds everything together and is based on the Playniax $SimpleGameUI/Introduction$ and Typoooh is the actual game scene.


The Typoooh scene is the actual game and general settings can be found there.

Word interval, words, rocket font, keyboard layout, sounds, etc. settings can be found at the Player GameObject:

A better detailed description of the classes can be found in the Classes section.

Typoooh uses the Playniax $Particle System/Introduction$ for the visual effects.

If you have any questions you can contact us at support@playniax.com