Space Shooter Construction Kit / Tutorial 02

This tutorial is continuing where we left off in the previous tutorial.

In the previous tutorial we have added a player and a scrolling background to the scene.

In this tutorial we are going to add pickups for the player.

First you must open the scene Assets/Playniax/Space Shooter Construction Kit/Tutorials/Tutorial 02

Now go to the Unity menu GameObject > 2D Object > Playniax > Space Shooter Art Pack 02 > Sprites > Players (Pickups) > Shield

The shield icon should be visible in the scene as shown in the image above.

Now run the scene and use the mouse in combination with the mousebutton to move the spaceship and manoeuvre the spaceship towards the shield icon.

The ship is now shielded as seen in the image below:

The image below is showing the other options in the menu:

Now continue with Tutorial 03