Space Shooter Construction Kit / Tutorial 01

In this tutorial we are going to add a player and a scrolling background to the scene by using the Unity menu.

First you must open the scene Assets/Playniax/Space Shooter Construction Kit/Tutorials/Tutorial 01

This is an empty scene.

Now go to the Unity menu GameObject > 2D Object > Playniax > Space Shooter Art Pack 02 > Sprites > Players > Player (Defenstar Style Topview)

A spaceship should be visible in the scene.

Note that another GameObject was also added called Engine.

We will explain this later in another tutorial.

Now run the scene and use the mouse in combination with the mousebutton to move the spaceship.

Now stop the scene from running and add a background.

To add a background go to GameObject > 2D Object > Playniax > Space Shooter Construction Kit > Backgrounds > Techno > Scroller (Vertical)

Now run the scene again.

The result should be a scrolling background with the player shooting bullets.

Now continue with Tutorial 02