Space Shooter Construction Kit / Getting Started

The Space Shooter Construction Kit 2D comes with a set of prefabs.

You can add them to your scene from the Unity GameObject menu.

The layout should look something like this:

You can also find some prefabs in the GameObject > UI > Playniax menu.

The layout should look something like this:

Using the menu will not add the prefab to your scene but a copy of the prefab.

The advantage of using the menu is that it will also create the necessary dependencies.

As an example use the menu and add a player by going to GameObject > 2D Object > Playniax > Space Shooter Art Pack 02 > Sprites > Players > Player (Defenstar Style Topview)

This will create a player but also a GameObject called Engine.

The GameObject Engine will only be created once.

The Engine GameObject is a generic prefab that handles the collisions, sounds and visual effects.