SimpleGameUI / Introduction

What is this?

Probably every game out there has at least a loading, home, pause or game over screen.

To handle the different screens or game states, we need a proper manager who can provide a mechanism to know when to change from state “A” to state “B” during gameplay.

The SimpleGameUI is such a thing.

The SimpleGameUI provides a persistent class, meaning that it is created and it will persist throughout the game session, even if you switch scenes.

The SimpleGameUI will manage the different screens and can hold game data that has to be maintained throughout the game session like number of lives, current level, purchases, etc.


The SimpleGameUI main features are:

• Scene loading progress, pause and game over state etc.
• Buttons for turning music and sound on / off by the player.
• An info screen with scroll box for sharing instructions, info about your company or how to play the game etc.
• In-app purchasing button ( removing ads ).
• Unity Ads integrated.
• Play, exit or restart game buttons.
• ‘Smart’ music player.
• UI helper scripts for displaying player score, lives and current level
• Game timing helpers.
• Test keys for debugging.

A Level Selector and more fancy transitions will be added to future versions.

Now continue with Getting Started

The image above is an example of a title screen.