SimpleGameUI / Getting Started

The SimpleGameUI can be found in the Assets/Playniax/Framework/SimpleGameUI folder.

There are a few generic templates for you to choose from.

A test 'level' can be found in the Assets/Playniax/Framework/SimpleGameUI/Demo folder.

This folder also contains an example script called Simulator.cs and shows you how to get to the next level, game over screen and how to keep scores and lives count.

The SimpleGameUI stays in memory or runs in the background of your game (it uses DontDestroyOnLoad).

The SimpleGameUI should be the first scene to start.

The inspector view:

Your scenes or levels must be added to the Level Settings and they will load the specific item order.

The SimpleGameUI will do most of the rest.

The SimpleGameUI will try to add these scenes to the Unity Build Settings if they are missing but you will need to do this manually in case it will fail for some reason.

The following video shows how to setup your game with the SimpleGameUI:

Note that this video shows an older version but it's still relevant.

A better detailed description of the classes can be found in the Classes section.