Pac Pack / Getting Started

Pack Pack can be found in the Assets/Playniax/Pac Pack folder.

The tileset used can be found in the Assets/Playniax/Framework/Essentials/Textures/Retro/Pacman-ish folder.

Pac Pack uses a little frameworks called MazeAI (MazeAI)

Open the demo level and have a look at the Engine GameObject using the inspector.

This might look something like this:

Here you can set the tilemap that contains the candy, the sounds, ghot kill time etc.

The Counter variable indicates the number of candy left.

The tilemap

The game uses the Unity Tilemap system.

The Grid GameObject contains the tilemaps with 4 layers.

The 'invisible' tile layer called 'collisions' is used for determining the maze by the MazeAI framework.

Ghost Spawner

The Ghost spawner adds a ghost to the level on a set timer.

Adjust settings to your liking.

Player Settings

The Player GameObject contains various settings such as what collision layer to use and what tiles are obstacles etc.