MazeAI / MazeAIBase

Namespace Playniax.MazeAI

Inherits from MonoBehaviour

Script can be found in Assets/Playniax/Framework/Extensions/MazeAI/Scripts (MonoBehaviour)/MazeAIBase.cs

Class MazeAIBase


Base class for maze sprites.

Public MethodsDescription
static int CountTiles(Tilemap tilemap, string name)Returns number of tiles by a certain name.
static Vector3 GetPositionByName(Tilemap tilemap, string name, Vector3 position = default)Returns the position of the first tile matching name.
static TileBase GetTile(Tilemap tilemap, Vector3 position)Returns tile from the tilemap at a certain position.
static Sprite GetSprite(Tilemap tilemap, Vector3 position)Returns sprite from the tilemap at a certain position.