Galaga Essentials / GalagaSpawner

Namespace Playniax.Galaga

Inherits from AdvancedSpawnerBase

Script can be found in Assets/Playniax/Galaga Essentials/Scripts (MonoBehaviour)/GalagaSpawner.cs

Public fieldsDescription
Randomizer.Position entrance = Randomizer.Position.RandomLeft Determines were the sprite enters the screen.
Randomizer.Position exit = Randomizer.Position.RandomRight Determines were the sprite exits the screen.
SpawnMode spawnMode Mode can be Mode.Mono, Mode.TwinVertical or Mode.TwinHorizontal.
float speed = 128 Speed.
bool allowRotationWithPath = true Determines if the sprites rotate with movement.
int rotationOffset Rotation offset.
int formationRotationOffset = 90 Rotation offset (when formation).
float timer = 1 Timer.
float interval = .1f Timer interval.
float sustain = 3 Time to stay on the grid.
bool randomSustain Randomizes the time to stay on the grid.
int counter = 8 Determines the number of sprites.
int loops = -1 Number of bezier loops (-1 = inifinte).
int randomPoints = 3 Number of bezier points that are created automatcially.
Vector3[] points Manual bezier points (randomPoints must be set to zero).
bool bodyCount Count the number of destroyed objects.
BulletSpawner.Settings bulletSettings = new BulletSpawner.Settings() Determines if bullets are fired, the speed of the bullets etc.
CargoSettings cargoSettings = new CargoSettings() Determines if the spawned object contains cargo like for example a coin or pickup.
SurpriseSettings surpriseSettings = new SurpriseSettings() Determines if the spawned object contains a surprise like for example a coin or pickup.
ChildSettings childSettings = new ChildSettings() Determines if the spawned object carries a child object.