Coppacar / Introduction

What is this?

Coppacar is a game template for Unity by Playniax and was inspired by Pacman.

Creating a game like this is a lot of work but this template will save you a lot of time.

You can change or add levels, change or add game mechanics, rename or reskin the game and publish it anywere you like.

Or you can just use the colorful assets and create an entirely different game.

What do you get?

This package contains:

• Player car in 4 directions for up, down, right and left
• 2 x police cars in 4 directions for up, down, right and left
• 1 x Money truck in 4 directions for up, down, right and left
• 3 demo levels
• Colorful tilesets

How to play?

Coppacar can be played with keyboard, mouse or touchscreen.

You control a red muscle car and the goal is to collect all the money and avoid the police cars that are out to get you.

To protect your car look for armor or stay ahead of the game by collecting extra lives.

When your car is armored you can ram the police cars but only for a limited amount of time.

The player can be controlled by the cursor keys or in case of a mobile device by the virtual joypad.

The template has 3 levels and once you collected all the money in a level the game will continue to the next.

Ready to play cops and robbers?

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